5 Mistakes to do, but you must not get serious!

You can make mistakes, but do not need to wait in the corner for him to enter! Relax and forgave 5 typically male mistakes we all make.

1. No post them anything about you or your shared life on Facebook. But he says I love you always, to care, to get the phone, you enjoy yourself when you are together! You do not need any sensationalism publication to confirm his feelings.

2. The gifts you buy never match your style. Men generally are not known for perfect gifts they choose. Either it does not have time or do not have patience if you buy good gifts, not like you do not have to do the scene. Just next time tell him what you want directly.

3. Sometimes he falls to bed angry. Something you did, you got angry, tried to discuss it, but he left in the sofa to go lie down. You want to discuss this, but your partner does not have any available. Accept that men do not want to talk much and preferred to the approaches when both have the mood for dialogue.

4. she does housework. Okay has not in the household, but the good thing is that you and has no requirement to do anything. Apart from the food! It's not so terrible.

5. Not seeing the TV series with you that you like on TV. Are you a fan of Game Of Thrones; His Dr.House; One thing is not interested nor monitored minutes. Do not get mad. There is reason quarrels and even choose to close the TV and to have sex!