Ideal relationship

Sure to give a satisfactory answer to the question above you can not only stand the testimonies of relatives and friends, you need to do an extensive research and mainly to be well connected with your heart. The good news is that the qualities and values ​​that govern a successful relationship there learned, grown with.

The people contributing to the creation of an excellent relation:

1. Are not affected by conditions of a previous relationship and not to transfer the current. The separations in relationships occur, and similar are inevitable. Sometimes they are quite painful and sometimes become serials serials.

2. Understand the equilibrium between "give" and "take"

In an egalitarian relationship needs to be a balance between "give" and "take". Often one next two companions first loses himself and then the balance between what it receives and what the relationship offers. This has negative chain reactions after giving more, taking less, or ekrygneitai or resent, however in any case hurt. We need not physically keep account but be conscious on what they contribute and recipient of our relationship.

3. Know when and how to make room

Somewhere people tend to "disappear" when they enter into a relationship. They stop their personal activities (fitness, hobbies, communicating with friends). They lose their freshness, spontaneity and confidence of integrated and recharged 'unit', which is involved in the relationship. A healthy relationship requires appropriate distances to flourish. Besides, how will continue to achieve driven by mutual respect, creativity and self-confidence? The excellent relationship works two comrades who are both about each other, "the other the whole."

4. They make each other laugh

Humor is the wisdom gate. Without humor a relationship can hardly be overcome quickly and confidently difficult moments. It also has an anxiolytic role for the requested and anxieties of partners and can not be regarded as exceptional if it is above all fun.

5. No illusions about the possibilities of the other

We are all earthlings and we have flesh and bones. One can stand out in some areas, in other areas the other, but very easy to coexistence or cohabitation, we can see our limits to change. Good to be savvy in this area and not to have unreasonable demands of endurance, strength and durability of our partner.

6. They stop to "bring disaster"

This track is close to 80% of the problems encountered and grown in a relationship. So often then we tend to allow our fears and our insecurities come to the surface, by becoming "seers bad." Also if you leave "adoulefta" our gifts, those for initially "glow" and attract our acquaintance, very easily they can "fade" and where we were full of energy and mood for the relationship to be transformed into "spirits" criticism and contradiction. Let's figure out for good, that the love affair is the best "vehicle" for our emotional maturity.

7. ... and above all, love

They love themselves. They love their partners. But love does not stop there. Emitted in total. They are well-meaning and contribution and their action emits positive in society. They know well that love is not just a feeling but a constant state of positivity and superiority. They threw the walls of their heart, what did love them selectively and exclusively sexual.